A Case For Smaller States

Image by Uday Deb, DNA

In a stroke of pure genius, the flamboyant CM of Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati, has declared that the largest state in India be divided into four smaller states for better governance! You can read about it here and here.

Rather than launch into a diatribe about this rather Machiavellian move, I’ve decided to post an article that I wrote a couple of years ago, The United States of India on Boloji.  This piece was prompted after an abrupt announcement by the Honorable Home Minister, who appeared late one night to say that the process for ‘the creation of Telangana has begun’.

As you read further below, keep in mind that it was written in December 2009!

The United States of India

In light of the recent announcement by the Central Government of India to grant separate statehood status to Telangana, splitting from the modern state of Andhra Pradesh, we need to applaud and marvel at the insight and vision of the planners at the helm of the ruling party. This is an epoch moment that needs to be truly heralded as a bold but necessary decision that is long overdue and vindicates the efforts of our freedom fighters and all those who fought valiantly to achieve statehood. Their dedication and sincerity has yielded fruits, albeit a long time in waiting. Yet this clearly sets the tone for the progress of modern India, 60 plus years after Independence and its emergence as a superpower in the world.

The foresight of the Home Ministry in announcing the creation of a smaller state, namely Telangana from Andhra Pradesh, undoubtedly indicates the practicality of governance, leading to faster progress and prosperity with equal rights to all its citizens. By carving out Telangana from the behemoth of AP, the rulers have demonstrated their collective wisdom and lit a spark. This should pave the way for the creation of many smaller states that have been ambling for statehood for many decades, why even centuries! As the Honorable CM of UP,  Mayawati has rightly declared that UP be carved into many smaller states, since it is virtually impossible now to govern such a large state, according to her. The newer states that would be created include Hirat Pradesh, Bundelkand and Purvanchal. The Honorable Minister and prolific writer, Shri Jaswant Singh along with leaders of the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha called for the creation of a separate Gorkhaland, pointing out the need to be “liberated from the colonial rule” of West Bengal government. Needless to say, the brave souls of Vidharbha have long fought to secede from Maharashtra.

The time has arrived for the rise of India as a true superpower after centuries of imperial rule. The brilliant minds and visionaries in the esteemed positions of the Central Government, ably run by the Congress party, should also give serious thought to the creation of several such smaller states (in addition to the above-mentioned) including, Saurashtra from Gujarat, Bhojpur from Bihar, UP, Cooch Behar from West Bengal, Assam, Travancore from Kerala, Coorg from Karnataka, Tanjore from Tamil Nadu, Bodoland from Assam, Nilgiris from Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu, Magadh from Madhya Pradesh, Nalanda from Bihar, Kalinga from Orissa & Bihar, Belgaum from Maharashtra & Karnataka and Mithilanchal from Bihar.

Imagine the hundreds of thousands of jobs this will create in such a short time, so many CMs and MLAs will be anointed, so many ministries will be created, so many bureaucrats, clerks, peons will have jobs. So many new capital cities will arise that will require new Parliament buildings which in turn will generate massive employment for masons, carpenters, architects, engineers, bricklayers. There will be more state budgets to allocate, more accountants to handle them which simply translates into more opportunities. Postal addresses will change overnight which means recruiting more postal employees to handle the overload. Interstate taxes would ensure that a constant revenue stream is generated. Investors would flock to these newly created states to build infrastructure and set up novel high tech industries.

Nations that are struggling to jumpstart their economies because of the recent financial disaster can simply take a leaf from India. What a brilliant stroke by the geniuses in the current government. Not just a superpower behind other superpowers but a true leader is what India must be. We need to surpass every other nation in the world by carving out 51 states to be the next United States of India (USI)

12 Dec 2009


One thought on “A Case For Smaller States

  1. Divide and conquer was the mantra before. The same is being used now so that the looting can go on in a more compartmentalized fashion and banking on the huge uneducated masses to secure the status. Sad.


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