Birds in Flight

Photographing birds in flight can be quite challenging, especially for a novice like me! It takes a little bit of practice and determination to get the focus right, for as soon as you think the bird is in your viewfinder, it has probably flown by at supersonic speed!  But studying birds in flight opens up a whole new approach to birdwatching that you normally don’t get to see otherwise, such as beautiful patterns on the undersides of the wings or other distinguishing marks.

Here are a few birds that I have managed to photograph.

Laughing Gull

Litte Blue Heron

Mallards, the female leading the way

Wood Stork looks majestic in flight, with a huge wing span and beautiful patterns that you don’t observe otherwise

Ring-nosed Gull

Tri-colored Heron, with a prominent white belly

Snowy Egret is one of the most beautiful birds, whether in flight or not

Northern Shoveler, male and female


Double-breasted Cormorant, casting a suspicious glance

Royal Tern coming in for a landing amidst Black Skimmers


7 thoughts on “Birds in Flight

  1. Beautiful work, Subra. Doesn’t look like the work of a novice. I may use one of these or all of these as a screensaver.

  2. It’s certainly not easy capturing birds in flight but you managed to do so beautifully! Your wonderful photographs allow us to see how lovely the wing feathers are on all of these birds. Fantastic!

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