Small is Beautiful

Hummingbirds are absolutely captivating as anyone who has watched them at a feeder can attest.   This rufous tailed hummingbird is a prized catch that I spotted at Arenal, Costa Rica and is seen here in a contemplative mood!

Here’s another Rufous tailed hummingbird sipping from a Heliconia in Arenal, Costa Rica.   The Rufous-tailed species can be found over a wide geographic range from Mexico to Venezuela.

This one is a Rufous hummingbird, different from the ones above, at the Arizona Sonora desert museum.

This photo below was taken in my backyard where a female Ruby-throated hummingbird had claimed the feeder as its own and was extremely territorial, zealously guarding it.  A male ruby throated hummingbird was driven away fiercely.

Ruby throated, female

Black Chinned hummingbird, Monterey Bay, California

 Brilliant Green Hummingbird, females in the Cloud Forest at Villa Blanca, Costa Rica.

Black chinned hummingbird, female in Ramsey Canyon, Arizona.  Notice the tongue sticking out…….yummy nectar!


5 thoughts on “Small is Beautiful

  1. Stunning photographs of beautiful birds! You feature a great variety of hummingbirds in this post. How wonderful that you have seen all of these gems. We only see Ruby-throated Hummingbirds here in Chicago and SW Indiana so it’s an extra special thrill to see all of your images.

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