Good things come in pairs

Take the old adage, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush‘, flip it and then you begin to see beauty in nature.   When you spot two of the same kind, it sure doubles the pleasure of birdwatching.

Here’s a shot of a pair of Skimmers with their landing gear in position.   The lower red and black mandible of the Skimmer is longer than the upper, enabling it to ‘skim’ the surface of water for food, all this while the bird is in flight!

The Skimmers have landed in this shot below and you can see the bill more prominently.

Here’s a pair of White Pelicans looking eastward!  These fabulous birds have wingspans of 8-10 foot and unlike the brown pelican do not dive in the water for fish.

Seen here are a couple of brown pelicans, swimming peacefully; remarkable birds that have been brought back from the brink of extinction, thanks to conservation efforts!

These double-crested cormorants make quite a splash, taking off in a synchronized manner.   Cormorants are expert anglers, diving several feet deep to catch fish and are very aggressive when it comes to sharing their prize!

How do you balance on one foot and go off to sleep?  Well, these laughing gulls seem to have mastered their yogic postures, while taking an afternoon siesta.

Sanderlings are tiny little birds that you often see chasing waves on a beach.  This pair is effortlessly flying in synchronized fashion.

And here they are going for a stroll on the beach!

A pair of Northern Shovelers swimming in placid waters.  This bird has evolved fine comb-like projections on its beak to strain food from water.

Last but not least, a pair of beautiful Snowy Egrets, resplendent in wavy silk.


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