Bird Names

Bird names help in identification, sorting & classification of genus and species. While certain names are fittingly descriptive of the bird, many of them can be quite confusing or misleading.   Yet there are others that have the word bird in the name, such as catbird or blackbird etc.   This post is a compilation of photos taken over the years of birds having the suffix bird in their names.


Catbird, Gray

cowbird (male)

Cowbird, Brown headed

kingbird eastern

Kingbird, Eastern


Mockingbird, Northern


Blackbird,  Red-winged


Bluebird, Eastern

Purple Sunbird (female)

Purple Sunbird (female)

Sunbird, Purple

frigatebirdFrigatebird, Magnificent


Hummingbird, Ruby throated


4 thoughts on “Bird Names

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  2. A most creative post! I love it! You have featured some beautiful birds in this post. I’m especially fond of the sunbird, hummingbird and mockingbird photographs, but all are wonderful. A pleasure to visit your terrific blog!

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