World of Coca-Cola

Around 125 years ago the recipe for Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta, GA by a pharmacist named John Pemberton.  The Coca Cola Museum in downtown Atlanta offers a glimpse into the history of this world famous soft drink and lets visitors sample a wide variety of Coke products sold around the globe.   A full fledged bottling plant is in operation here that is part of the tour and every visitor gets to take home an 8 oz bottled drink.










2 thoughts on “World of Coca-Cola

  1. I enjoyed seeing your photos. Surprisingly there was a recent article in the Daily Mail about contemporary, medical uses of Coca Cola. Apparently it has a pH of 2.6 which makes it much like gastric acid, so it is being used to dissolve stomach blockages. I believe when Coca Cola was first developed, it was claimed in had medicinal uses, and all these years later, apparently it does.

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