Spring Beauties

Spring heralds the return of migratory birds from their winter sojourns and I finally ventured out into the woods to look for what might be in store out there at the Celery Bog.

My first treat was an Eastern Bluebird that was conspicuously perched and relaxing peacefully.

eastern bluebirdAs I trudged further along the trails scanning the bare tree tops,  I was delighted to spot Yellow Rumped Warblers flitting among the branches.   These remarkable birds in their Spring plumage are a visual delight!

YR warbler

YR warbler2After a while, I noticed a couple of Palm Warblers briskly moving from tree to tree, but I managed to get a reasonable shot, including one in flight!Palm Warbler

palm warbler 2

palm warbler 3

Amidst all this excitement, an Eastern Towhee was blissfully singing away to glory.

IMG_3703At the same time, a beautiful Red headed woodpecker landed on a tree top to burrow for insects.

red headed woodpeckerLast but not the least, I spotted another small bird and I was ecstatic as this was my first ever Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher that I’ve photographed.  Its distinct eye-ring, gray head, sharp bill, plain white underside and rather long tail helped identify this tiny species.

IMG_3832Not bad for the first outing this season!


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