Magic in the air

Last weekend was a bonanza for spotting migratory birds, particularly spring warblers!  It had rained the previous night and the rich earthy aroma wafted through the woods early in the morning when I went scouting for some good sightings.   There was music in the air as several tiny birds flitted effortlessly from tall trees.   Getting good shots in between branches and leaves was another story.   I was fortunate enough to get a decent shot of my first Baypoll warbler and American Redstart.

Palm warbler

Palm warbler

Palm warbler3

 Palm warbler


 Baypoll warbler


 Warbling Vireo


 American Redstart (female)




 Rose breasted Grosbeak


 White crowned sparrow

cardinal Northern Cardinal (female)


One thought on “Magic in the air

  1. So many beautiful birds! Don’t you just love migration? Such a pretty Palm Warbler. Love the Ovenbird and Red-breasted Grosbeak. All are lovely! Wonderful photographs!

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