Shorebirds in Winter

Many birds in winter, especially shorebirds tend to lose their colorful plumage, a process known as molting, and look rather drab.   It is this lack of distinguishing features that makes identification rather challenging when you spot a flock of winter shorebirds.   I’ve tried to capture a few shots of shorebirds for this post.


Sandpiper SpottedSpotted Sandpiper

Black bellied plover portraitBlack bellied plover

Greater Yellowlegs Greater Yellowlegs (in rear)


Sanderling runningSanderling

solitary sandpiperSolitary Sandpiper

plover Semi-palmated plover


Ruddy turnstoneRuddy Turnstone

Amidst this flock of Willets, you can spot an odd bird that doesn’t belong to this group.  A slightly pale orange body with a rather long beak that is also partially orange, the bird in the background is a Marbled Godwit.

godwit2 Marbled Godwit amongst Willets 

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  1. D H R Sarma says:

    Very nice Happy new year!!

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  2. Bala Balachander says:

    Beautiful and calming too! Happy new year, Subra!

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